Saturday, 13 October 2012

Break-up Sex

She'd booked a taxi and we had about 90 minutes left together before she'd be gone for good.  We had done everything possible to ensure a clean, positive, adult, amicable break.   We just sat on the sofa, held hands and just talked kindly to each other and about each other. The holding hands turned to hugging and the hug lingered, which turned into a long kiss, which turned into her starting to pant. I decided what the hell and started to pull her hair as we kissed, one of my hands woven into her hair as our kiss deepened and our tongues were entwined.

Any lingering sense of pre-tense was shattered when one of my hands slid up her jeans and cupped her mound, she gasped and groaned as I kissed her and I could feel her squirming against my hand. I took her hand and placed it on my throbbing hardening cock and whispered in her ear "You're going to spend our last moments together sucking my cock till you choke and gag, do you understand?" She just nodded her head as i returned to kissing her.  Even though our living room was all window and any-one could see in I instructed her to open my jeans and take my cock out, which she happily and hurriedly did. With my hands in her hair i guided her mouth straight down onto my hard cock. There was no pre-amble, its want the time and I wasn't in the mood. I guided her deep down straight from the off - making her gag and choke straight away. Anyone could have seen us but I didn't care and it appeared, neither did she. With my hand in her hair I used her mouth to fuck my cock sometimes working her over the thick end of my cock, other times driving her mouth deep and holding her there as she gagged and choked.  All the time I was talking dirty to her, telling her that she hadn't spent enough time doing this recently, hence why she needed to remember me by the last time she choked on my cock and how I had lots more in store for her.

By the way she gasped, groaned, nodded her head and pushed her mound back hard against my other free hand i could tell that she was enjoying herself and also wanted to make the most of the opportunity.  I asked if she was ready for the next part. She said yes. 

As she continued to suck my cock and i pressed my palm against her mound I explained how she'd been a bratty pain in the arse these last couple of months and that with that in mind she needed reminding of what happened to such girls.  She loves to bake and I wanted to give her a fitting send -off so I told her "You're going to get-up, walk into our kitchen, get the wooden spoon and the spatula, bring them back here to me, hand them over to me and ask me to punish & spank you for being such a brat."  It was not what she was expecting but the way she responded (by groaning and trying to take more of my cock deeper) I knew that she wanted to do it.  I lifted her mouth off my cock using her hair, looked into her eyes and repeated her task" Do you understand?" I questioned. She nodded, and I told her to go and do it.  She quickly got up, skipped away into the kitchen, i could hear her rummaging for the utensils and she walked back out to find me brazenly wanking my cock as she walked over to me.  She handed me the utensils and said "Please Sir, Ive been bratty, I need you to punish me with these kitchen tools to help remind me not to be like that in future. Will you please spank me?"  I wasn't going to waste our time so I stood up, took the utensils and led her by the hand into the bedroom.

In the bedroom I wasted no-time in bending her over the side of the bed, pulling her jeans down and rubbing her through her panties. "My, my for a girl who's not been properly touched yet these panties are soaking wet aren't they?"  She replied that she always got super wet and horny when I took control and was masterful with her.

I picked up the Spatula which she used (a lot) for baking and with much formality started to spank her on her arse cheeks.  She started yelping and squirming along with gasping and panting.She moved her hips from side to side as I spanked her, partly from the pain, partly from squirming. I started to grab her hair and pull her head back as I spanked her which just made her go gooey as I also talked dirty to her about how she needed to be bent over and spanked and how she might be a nice, pretty, polite, oxbridge educated, home counties girl but here she was just my plaything and nothing more.  This and the increased spanking started to send her into overdrive and she started telling me how much she needed to be fucked. I said I knew, I could see her juices covering her cunt and her thighs. I used the spatula to scoop her juiced up and proceeded to feed them back to her.  I told her that I wanted her to forever more associate this spatula and her baking with licking her own juices of the spatula having been spanked like a bad girl.  She just went wild and started squirming and begging to be fucked. I told her I was in no hurry (though her taxi was arriving soon enough!) and just increased the hardness of my spanks.  This just started to make her yelp and allied with sound of the spatula hitting her arse was I'm convinced enough to make our neighbours start listening to what we were doing!

In an effort to increase the strokes but avoid all the noise I firstly took the wooden spoon and made her bite on it as I continued spanking her, I now wished Id taken a photo of her, my hands in her hair, squirming as she bit down on the wooden spoon.

I decided she was having too much fun and then put her on all fours all the end of the bed, this way i could walk round in front of her, grab her hair, feed my cock into her greedy willing mouth and reach over and continue to spank her ass and cunt. It made her yelp as i fucked her mouth from one end and then made her jump and squirm as I spanked her other end. There was no way you could deny that she wasn't having the time of her life and she started gabbling away about how she was going to miss this and how she was beginning to realise how much she needed to be treated like this and to be spanked and used in the bedroom...I wouldn't say she'd entered sub-space or anything like that but you could tell she was in a dreamy state of pleasure.

This only increased when I put her back over the end of the bed and taking my hard cock now glossy with her saliva and just started rubbing it up and down her tingling wet cunt. She was squirming and thrashing, begging me to put my cock inside her and fuck her, her back was arching, her groans was getting louder and deeper as I just rubbed my cock up and down on her wet slit, pulled her hair and spanked her ass. And then with one fell swoop I pushed myself all the way into her. She gasped and buckled, but I just pulled her hair and held her there. I just stood behind her with my cock deep inside her and just pulsed there as she squirmed and moaned. Then ever so slowly I withdrew all the way out and teased her again. This sent her half crazy / half angry as she started swearing about how she needed to be fucked, but i just went back to teasing her mound for a bit before I pushed myself all the way back into her.

This time I started to slowly fuck her with long deep strokes as one hand stayed in her hair and one hand grabbed the front of her leg and worked her back and forth on my cock. It wasn't long before her legs started buckling and she went very quiet, a sign i knew that she was on the edge of cumming so I started spanking her arse hard again and told her that it wasn't for her to enjoy herself and that she had to start fucking my cock with her wet throbbing cunt, she started thrashing back and it didn't take her long to let out a low guttural scream as she came hard all over my cock. Her face was buried in the duvet as my cock was buried in her cunt. She was tired and out of breath and needed a rest, but there was no way she was getting one...i told her to keep fucking my cock with her cunt and as way of  incentive i reached underneath her top and tweaked her nipples hard which made her yelp.

I also reached and scooped up a lot of her juices and started to use them to lube her tight little arse.  She had learnt to really enjoy anal play and her murmurs and smiles let me know that she was enjoying a hand in her hair, a cock in her cunt and my fingers playing with her ass.  Using lube and spit I worked my thumb into her ass as my cock pounded her cunt.  She started growling and bucking at the sensation of having both of her holes filled and it wasn't long before she came hard again.

By this time she was starting to buckle so i dragged her onto the bed and lay down as I made her suck her juices off my cock, before lifting her up and ordering her to lower herself on to my cock and ride me hard. As she sand down on me i grabbed her hips and started to rock her back and forth, gently at first. I then grabbed her hands and pushed back on her and told her to start riding me hard which she gratefully did.  The strength of my arms and the hardness of my cock gave her something to push against and it wasn't long before she was cumming again as she squealed and collapsed like a rag-doll breathing hard.

But i was by now means done with her, as she lay on top of me capturing her breath I grabbed her arse and moved her up and down on my cock.  I could tell she was getting pleasantly sore from being fucked hard and she was starting to waffle away, a sure sign that she had been hard-fucked. I just continued to fuck her from underneath and realistically she was just going to hold on for her life. I started bucking up and down into her whilst one hand pulled her hair and one hand alternated between grabbing her arse and spanking it hard.  As her arse was still blushing from being spanked earlier she was tender and yelping.  But I didn't care.  I just bucked my hips and thrust my cock into her hard again and again as she winced and moaned.  

My hard fucking was paying off and I told her to grab my balls. One of her hands was steadying herself on the headboard, one hand was tugging on my balls as she held on for grim life as i bucked myself into her.  She had always said that she was scared that the force of my fucking would throw her off the bed and so she held on and rode my cock as I bucked my hips and fucked her hard.  My hands were everywhere, pulling her hair, kneading, tweaking and slapping her breasts and buttocks as she wailed and i started grunting hard as I told her I was about to cum and she urged me on begging me to fill her with my hot cum one last time. This was enough to send her over the edge again and  I let out a growl and exploded deeply inside her, long and hard. After I finished cumming inside her, my cock remained hard and i just sat her up, still impaled on my cock, pulsing inside her as she just purred and we got her breath back.  The first thing she said?  "This isn't over by a long stretch, I refuse to let someone who fucks me like that exit out of my life!"

She feel off my cock and just lay there, panting and purring.  I knew this was her sign that she had been properly fucked and had several orgasms.  She had a big smile on her face and was upbeat, happy and positive...very different from how she was before!

There was enough time to grab a shower and I went and joined her in the shower. She was still throbbing and shaking but with a  huge eyes wide grin.  I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her neck, held her close and then washed her down.  No words were spoken. We just enjoyed a final embrace under the hot shower.  We stepped out, we dried each other off, we dressed, we hugged and I then carried her bags and escorted her out to her taxi. We had a quick hug & kiss, said our goodbyes and then she left.

So she left happy, smiling, feeling wanted, adored a throbbing ache from having been well pounded and with a puddle in her panties rather than her being in a puddle of tears. If there was any-way to get through the pain of a final separation, I can heartily recommend it.

The post-script is that several days later it was my birthday and she sent me a birthday card.  Inside was a final touching note.  On the back she'd drawn a spatula and a big smiley face. ;-)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Aircraft Carrier Part 2

So after our experience on one of the Navy's finest ships (which you can read about here) we were heading back to the hotel in our minibus. Sally was next to me and whilst she enjoyed the attention of two of the guys on the mini bus it was my fingers that were inside her, fingering her soaking wet twat.

We all piled into Sean's room for a final night cap and chat. I could see Sean trying his best lines and Sally playing up to the attention.  Eventually there was just the three of us left.  I decided to call it a night and intimated that I was heading back to our hotel room. Sean saw his moment and asked Sally to stay for 'a chat'.  I smirked and looked nonchalantly at Sally. She said she'd finish her drink and be along in a minute and so I headed back to our room.  I knew Sean was going to try it on, I'd known him for years, I knew exactly what he was like. I figured either a) Sally would come back to my room or b) she'd get fucked by Sean.  I wanted the former but thought the latter was a distinct possibility. I was confident that I would win through based on our earlier exploits but wasn't going to let it spoil my night. C'est la Vie.  So I went back to my room and had a drink from the mini-bar and wondered whether I'd be sleeping alone or whether Sally would come back. 

Well about 10 minutes later Sally turned up at the door.  I bantered her a bit about why she was back so soon, how I thought she'd have been putty in Sean's hands with his slick approach, cheesy lines, bulging biceps and winning smile. She brushed off my comments (actually she told me to fuck off) and said he wasn't her type .She said he'd tried it on and they'd had a smooch but that she'd had a lot more fun with me.  She said there was unfinished business from earlier that night which she wanted to get back to.

She scolded me about being so bold as to finger her on the bus home and I replied that she'd only had to say the word and I would have stopped.  But actually she hadn't wanted me to stop had she?  She blushed and said no, and in fact said that it had been a massive turn on for her.  I said I know, I'd felt how turned on she'd been, in fact I'd tasted her wetness on my fingers, she tasted good and I wanted to taste more. 

That was enough to make her whimper and visibly flushed. I pulled her close and told her I'd really enjoyed our earlier fun and that I wanted a whole lot more. She just melted in my arms, started kissing me and moaned about how hot and horny I'd gotten her all night and how there was no way she was going to let me get away from her after spending so much time wanting us to happen.

I maneuvered her into the bathroom. I picked her up and placed her on the side board in the bathroom. As we kissed she rubbed my crotch through my Tux whilst I started to lift her ball gown.  Her knickers were visibly wet again so I pulled them down to her ankles.  I started to tease her little pussy without actually touching her or fingering her.   She was moaning and undoing my zip, wanting to get my cock out.  She was whimpering how she need to be fucked good and proper, not a rushed affair like earlier.  She wanted me to fuck her there and then but I held back and took her hands off me. I smiled and told her that I wanted to taste her more. I squatted down between her stockinged legs and started to lick her gorgeous hot wet cunt.  She was in heaven as I teased, fingered her and tongue fucked her tight little hole.  She was soaking wet and tasted fantastic. She was leaning back and had her hands in my hair, pushing herself into my face.  I told her that she must be enjoying having a younger man in a tux between her legs licking her gorgeous cunt and that was enough to throw her over the edge and cum hard over my face.

She was desperate for me to fuck her, but I still held back, knowing that it would be worth the wait for both of us.  She popped down off the ledge, dropped to her knees and hungrily grabbed my cock and started to suck.  There was plenty of pre-cum for her to enjoy and I watched her greedily lick it up and suck my cock hard.  I didn't want to cum like that (not just yet anyway) so I lifted her back up on the ledge and with her ball gown around her hips I took my cock in my hand and started to tease her clit and lips with my rock hard cock.  She was in heavenly torture and was moaning and whimpering, pleading for me to fuck her. I just continued to tease her lips and enjoyed the sensation of my cock getting sticky and wet off the back of her sopping wet cunt.

Eventually I parted her lips and pushed my  cock into her.  Not all the way, just enough to put the tip in. She reached up and grabbed the back of my neck and tried to forcefully impale herself on to my cock but i was having none of it. I just gently moved the tip in and out of her.  She was getting noisy and pleading for me to fuck her hard and fast, but I just kept teasing her.  After a while I slowly slid all of my cock deep into her.  She was so wet and open that it was easy for me to slide all the way upto my balls.  The look on her face was delightful and will stay with me till the end of my days.  She looked flushed, happy, wistful, filled and dripping in desire all at once. I didn't thrust, I just held my cock deep in her, held her close and pulsed myself inside her. Her eyes were out on stalks and she was biting her lip trying to grind herself against me. I put my hands under her arse and slowly started to work her up and down on my cock. She was so wet and open that it was easy to just lift her up and work her up and down on my cock.  The feeling was blissful and I myself was worried about cumming hard.

After fucking her like this I told her I wanted to fuck her hard and I wanted her to watch us fucking. I lifted her off my cock, turned her round and unzipped her dress. I let it fall and she stepped out of it.  She was now just in pearl necklace, bra, suspenders, stocking and heels. She looked amazing and I told her so.  I moved her around and positioned herself bent over the ledge in front of the mirrors.  From every angle she could see her self being bent over and fucked. 

This time I was not so gentle.  I just bent her over, took hold of my cock and in one swift movement just rammed my cock into her all the way upto my balls.  She whimpered 'oh god, yes - fuck me' and I proceeded to grab her hips and fuck her hard.  She kept looking down and telling me how hot it was to see my balls banging against her and I kept putting my hands in her hair and pulling her head up so she could see the look on her own face as I fucked her. When my hands weren't in her hair they were mauling her tits, tweaking her nipples and pushing them out of her bra.  I grabbed her hips and just pounded away at her. She was screaming the hotel down and she came at least twice over my cock (she was able to orgasm so easily it was amazing) before I started to feel that sudden build up towards a seriously hard orgasm.

I asked her where she wanted my cum and she said not to cum inside her but that she wanted to swallow my cock and cum. She wanted to taste her cum on my cock at the same time as my cum. Well I didn't need to be asked twice. As I neared my own orgasm I grabbed her,turned her round and sank my cock deep into her mouth. I fucked her face and in between she begged me to cum down her throat and fill her mouth. She smacked my arse hard and ordered me to cum and I was happy to comply. I grabbed the back of her head, pushed my cock deep into her mouth and came like a freight train.  She was gagging and I could see spit and cum leak out the side of her mouth. My orgasm was hard and amazing. I was grunting and groaning , pushing into her mouth and she just kept sucking my cum whilst starting to massage my balls.

We retired to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. She thought the night was over, but I had other ideas.  My cock was still hard despite cumming hard and i simply rolled her on top of me and guided herself on to my still hard cock. At first she just sank down onto me and started to rub up and down but after a while she was able to squat on her legs and she just rode me. It got to the point were the only parts of us touching each other was my cock in her fanny. She just used her leg muscles to work herself up and down on my cock whilst we looked at each other and talked dirty. It was fantastic.  They only time we would touch was when she would collapse as she was having an orgasm..  I was amazed at how quickly and easily she could cum. It was a delight to behold and experience.

I decided to put her on all fours but move her up the bed towards the head board. I got behind her and started fucking her hard. She ended up being pushed up against the wall, against the headboard. I was reaching forward, groping her breasts and rubbing her clit.  She was screaming my name and crying out for me to fuck her hard.  She was banging against the wall and that you see was my plan all along!

Remember I mentioned earlier that Sean's room was next to ours? I knew that there was no way he'd be able to get any sleep whilst Sally was banging the wall, screaming my name and begging to be fucked hard by me. Un-chivalrous behaviour? Oh yes most certainly, I admit. Did I get a kick out of fucking the girl he'd tried it on with? Well of course.  Would he have done the same given half a chance?  Most definitely.   It gave me a real boost and made me fuck her harder and harder.  I started smacking her ass, biting her shoulder and tweaking her nipples.  Then I started to grunt and groan loudly I pulled her down, turned her over and came hard all over her tits, neck and face. She grabbed my cock and wanked every drop of cum out of my balls. I was well and truly spent.

Well it's fair to say we got no sleep that night.  We fucked on the floor, in the chair, on the sofa, over the desk and finally in bed.  We slept for a few hours before I was woken by her in the morning stood at the end of the bed, hands on hips, still wearing her stocking and suspenders. She had a gleam in her eye and she just said she'd had a great night, and was I ready for my morning session.  I just ordered her onto the bed and she did something that I really enjoyed. She just took my flaccid cock in her mouth and just using her mouth she gently sucked me till I was raging hard in my mouth.  It was gentle and sensual and I really enjoyed. She said she loved the feeling of my cock growing in her mouth and her being responsible for such a response.
Well she got quite a response as we started all over again.

One thing we discovered we both really enjoyed was long hot showers together. We shared one that morning.  I put her in the shower and made her lean against the wall. I got behind her and using my leg I put it between her legs and forced them apart. With her hands against the wall I was free to roam about her, tweaking her nipples, massaging her breasts, rubbing her clit and finger her pussy.  All of which I did whilst I wedged my cock between the cheeks of her ass so she could feel me getting hard against her.  She loved it all, especially when I finally entered her and fucked her.  I pushed her against the wall.  I told her I wanted to feel the coolness of the tiles against the hot water running down her and my hot hard cock pounding her.  It had the desired effect as she came nice and hard over my cock.

Having showered, dressed and devoured breakfast we found out that our transport to the station was going to be delayed by an hour.  So I did what any decent man would do. I made her drop her jeans, pulled her panties down and then took her and fucked her in the wardrobe! Well it was the only part of the room we'd not used and it seemed a shame not to make the most of it! Sally's eyes lit up at this and so there she was, dressed but with her jeans and panties pulled down, bent over crudely getting fucked from behind.  We both enjoyed our diversion and it was a great way to use up the hour we had!

Well that was the start of a little fling between Sally and I over the next few months.  She was an amazing woman and a wonderful lover.  In the end her living way down in the South West whilst she studied for her finals and my work schedule in the City meant we knew there was no real future but we enjoyed it whilst it lasted. We're still friends and in fact I recently attended her wedding were I met her sisters for the first time.  I was left wondering whether they were quite the same girls as their older sister!

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Aircraft Carrier Part 1

I had left the military and was working in the City. A friend of mine (who we'll call Sean) had been posted on exchange to the Royal Navy and he invited me to his Christmas Ball which was held on his ship, an aircraft carrier.

I didn't want to go as a singly as I expected it to be full of single forces guys with not much spare female talent for me to tip my hat at so I decided to invite a friend (who we'll call Sally).  She was an ex - colleague who lived relatively near-by. We had fooled about one night when in the servce but we'd both had partners at the time so went no further.  Now we were both single and I was interested to see what would happen.  The first good pointers were a) she was keen as mustard to come along and b) she declined my offer to book her a seperate hotel room, she said she'd be very happy to stay in mine.  I didn't want to be presumptuous but the signs were looking up!

So on the Friday evening I headed down to Portsmouth and to our hotel to go and change from City Suit into Tux for the event. Sally had arrived before me and I stumbled in to the hotel room to find her half-dressed wrapped in just a towel.  I was happy to be chivalrous and offered to goto the bar and come back when she was dressed but she wouldn't hear of it and beckoned me in with an impish smile.  So I just sat there in my suit drinking my beer watching Sally getting dressed.  Sally was about 6-7 years older than me but was a naturally pretty, beautiful woman with the most impish smile and saucy attitude.  Oh, and fantastic breasts.

I just sat there and watched her parade around in heels, stocking, suspenders, bra, panties and a pearl necklace whilst she did her hair and applied her make-up.  She knew I was watching, and I think she enjoyed that and had in mind all along. She must have seen the bulge in my crotch and my fidgeting trying to sit comfortably with an increasing hard on in my pants. I'm a red-blooded male and had to use all my will-power to not just grab her and take her there and then.  But I though I'd bide my time and act like it was the most normal thing in the world for me.

Anyway I decided to grab a shower whilst she finished off her make-up and I made the comment that I'd leave the door open whilst I showered in case she needed her stuff from the bathroom.  I thought, two can play at this teasing game!  And how right I was, she couldn't resist popping her head in 'just to check I was ok'.  I just smiled and said yes thank-you whilst soaping myself up.  She lingered at the door a good deal longer than was necesarry so I just turned back to the shower and finished washing myself.

I came out into the room just wearing my towel to find her fully dressed lounging on the sofa. I commented on how fantastic she looked and she remarked likewise with a sly smile and a glint in her eye!  I had a hard job (quite literally) hiding the bulge underneath my towel but decided to just play it and dry myself off in front of the window with my back to her so she wouldn't be able to see my stonking hard-on.  I just talked over my shoulder to her as if it was an everyday normal event for me.

So I dressed and we went to Sean's room for some pre event Bombay Sapphires & Tonics (the only Gin worth bothering with).  It turned out that his room was next to ours, a piece of intel I squirreled away for later. Sean remarked how great Sally looked (he knew her from our previous work) and as Sean's date had cancelled on him (not an unusual occurance) and knowing him as I did I could see him eyeing her up and fancying his chances. Well, we'd see about that old boy!

So we got our transport to the Aircraft Carrier and made our way on-board.  If you've never been on one then you'd need to know that they are functional warships and not made for men in Tuxs and women in pretty dresses and high heels.  However that didn't detract from what was turning into a great night.  The focus of the event was the main hangar deck where most of the festivites took place. Sean did take us to show us his cabin on board ship.  A rather bare, spartan room as you'd expect.  But it's location was another useful piece of intel that i tucked away for later.

Anyway the night wore on and we were all having more fun.  It turned out that there were lots of single young women there and it turns out that as a London based City boy I was more of a catch than the dull, away half the year, Sailor boys, which surprised me more than anyone else.  It wasn't helped by Sally constantly pushing me towards the young girls who were hanging around us. She was positively trying to match-make me with 2-3 London based girls who had shown an interest.  I wasn't sure if this was her testing me or her trying to get rid of me!  But really I only had eyes for Sally, the other girls were beautiful, but that's what they were; pretty young girls. I needed a grown woman to sate my desire. And that was Sally.  With Sean increasingly sniffing around Sally I figured I might as well play my cards early.  If I was rebuffed by Sally then it would gve me time to placate myself with the young girls. (I know that may seem somewhat callous and ruthless, but I'm being honest and most guys in my position would have done the same. What can I say? I play to win.)

So I formed a plan.  I told Sally that I wasn't interested in the young girls but if she came along with me then I'd show her what I was really interested in.  She was a bit quizzical but agreed. I knew I had to get rid of Sean for a while so I took him over and introduced him to the young girls we'd been hanging out with.  Sean didn't get the chance to talk to young girls as often as he'd like so I knew he'd spend the next 20-30 minutes boring these girls with earnest conversation about turbine blades, muzzle velocity, radar frequencies and other such drab topics. My window was now.

I led Sally away from the main hangar deck and found our way to Sean's cabin (an impressive undertaking on its own). I was worried his room might be locked, but we were lucky (thankfully) and we were able to let ourselves into his cabin.  I think Sally knew what the score was, but she decided to play along.  Once in there, I made my move and she responded positively and accordingly. We kissed, increasingly passionately and my hands explored her. I moved my hands up the backs of her legs and up her skirt, squeezing her gorgeous bottom.  She moaned accordingly and rubbed my increasingly hard cock through my pants.  Our senses were heightened by the fact that we were on a warship, there was people walking past outside and the cabins owner could walk in at any moment.  I told her there was no time to lose and she agreed.  She turned round and bent over the desk in the cabin. Well I didn't need to be told twice (or once in fact) and I moved over to her, lifted her dress to view her gorgeous arse framed by her suspender belt.  Her pants were sopping wet, and I mean sopping wet. I unzipped my trouser and took out my cock.  Without any real formality I pulled her knickers to one side and pushed myself straight into her.  She gasped and bucked as I grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto me.  This was all made easier as she was absolutely soaking, hot and open.  As you can imagine, this just spurred me on.  I started to fuck her hard, just grabbing her hips and making her buck against me. I was telling her fatastic it felt to be deep inside her and how I was loving fucking her on an Aircraft Carrier.  I was close to cumming quickly when we heard voices coming down the corridor.  It sounded like Sean and another girl, (maybe he'd had the same idea!) so we frantically stopped fucking (boo) and I pulled her knickers over and pulled her dress down whilst at the same time tried to manouevre my hard sticky cock back into my pants (with a great moan of disappointment).  It turned out that the people wasn't Scott and they just passed our door and carried on down the corrider. 

Naturally I was keen to re-commence our engagment but I think the scare had given Sally a bit too much of a shock.  She smiled wistfully, rubbed my sticky cock in my pants and said it would all keep till later and that we should re-join the party before we were missed.  I grudingly agreed and so we re-joined the party but not before I promised her that she was going to get fucked to within an inch of her life later.

Anyway we re-joined to find that Sean had managed to bore the young girls to sleep and so he was moping about looking dejected.  He took Sally off to dance and I just slid off to the bar to have a quiet moment of reminiscing about what had just happened.  Sean and one or two other guys spent the rest of the evening flirting with Sally and she was happy to give them the cum-on.  I think she was enjoying the attention and who can blaim her.

So come the end of the night we all piled into a minibus that was taking us back to our hotel.  I was sat against the wall with Sally next to me.  Next to her were Sean and another random guy who were both trying their luck with Sally.  They were obviously hoping to pull on the way back to the Hotel.  Sean invited everyone back to his room for a party.  I think he was hoping he'd get Sally back there and charm her into staying. I just sat quietly, smiled to myself and decided to up the ante...

Without anoyone noticing in the dark back of the minibus I started to stroke her leg.  She didnt flinch and didn't break her conversation with the other two guys.  I took that as tacit approval and so slowly I worked my way up her leg and under her ball gown.  She tensed a little but just looked at me and smiled.  I just raised an eyebrow at her whilst these two other guys were drunkenly trying to grab her attention.  I intimated for her to raise her leg slightly and then I moved my hand under her leg.  Her thigh was now sat on my hand and my fingers were touching and stroking her pussy through her (very wet) panties.  She flinched a little but I could tell that she was enjoying the attention.  I lightly ran my finger up and down her slit thru her black silk panties.  She was soaking again and every now and then she looked at me with a very wistful smile and even in the back of the mini bus I could tell there was a gleam in her eye.  I just whispered in her ear that I hadn't forgotten what had happened earlier and that I wanted to coninue where we'd left off and spend the rest of the night fucking her all over our hotel room.  She just sighed and squeezed my leg. She manouevered herself so that now my fingers were inside her.  Sean and the other guy were trying to catch her attention and I just looked at them thinking how they may be trying their damn hardest but it was me who had their fingers in her pussy and the one who'd already fucked her that night. The rest of the journey back to our hotel passed with me fingering her in the back of the minibus whilst she tried to control herself and fight off the attention of the two other guys.  Her panties were absolutely soaking and now and then I would find her having to stifle a groan and she spent most of the time biting her bottom lip in exasperation.  Something I love seeing a woman biting her lip when she's trying to remain contolled.  When she could get away with it she would grip my thigh and try and reach for my crotch.  She could feel that I was bulging and I know that just made her groan.

That wasn't the end of our evening, but I'll leave that till Part 2 to explain what happened when we got back to the hotel. I hope you enjoyed the piece.

Friday, 25 March 2011

The Annual Conference

This was originally written for someone else but seems a very apt starting point.

I was at my companies annual conference and myself and this woman had
won the top performers of the year award (a big bonus and 5 days of 5
star treatment in New York...nice) so were were being feted a little
at the evening black tie bash at some swanky hotel in Brighton which
was all very nice.

Whilst I do not work with this girl we do know each other and have
always traded cutting banter in the office and at socials but all pretty
harmless....or so I thought.  I know that sometimes I'm a little too
quick-witted for my own good so I don't really think anything of the
banter and teasing we've shared in the office.

So I'm just propping up the bar enjoying a quiet lull when she sidles
up to me and starts to engage me in some small-talk.  She's trying to
give me some good natured shit and as always I give just as good as I
get which spurs her on.

Anyway there is a lull in the conversation and she just grins at me
and leans in closer so no-one can hear and delivers the best chat-up
line I've ever heard! lol

"Hey P, you know I'm engaged and I live with partner so I don't want any
trouble, but I really fancy you and I'd love it if you came up to my
hotel room right now and wanked yourself off all over my tits." And
then she just grinned and winked at me.

Well it's rare for me to be stopped in my tracks but I have to admit
to see and hear her be so confident and brazen yet discreet got my
cock twitching in my pants.

I just replied that she'd had too much to drink and was being
overwhelmed by all this free champagne...but she just said no and
repeated herself that she really wanted me to cum all over her tits.
Well there was no way I was going to miss out on such an offer so I
said yes, that I would love to unload all my hot salty cum over her
great tits whilst she played with my balls.

I could tell she was excited at what I'd said and she just gave me her
hotel room and told me to slip upstairs in 10 minutes where she'd be

So I did just that. I maneuvered my way around the hall and found
myself knocking on her door 10 minutes later.  She answered it in pink
silk pyjamas with her top undone which was very sexy.  She just
reiterated that she didn't want sex because of her partner and I was
quite comfortable with that.

She took off my tux jacket and led me to the bed where we started to
kiss, slowly at first and then really passionately.  I pulled her on
top of me and even though her top was open I just teased her tits
through the silk.  She had fantastic tits and I could feel her grind
herself down on my cock and my hands would go to her ass and massage
her and bring her close so that she could feel my growing erection.

I then rolled her over and just kept kissing her and teasing her
nipples through the flesh, her nipples were rock hard and she was
really getting off on the fact that I did not just paw my way at her
but teased and eased her along the way.  I also ran my hand up and
down the inside of her thigh and could feel that she had kept her
knickers on underneath her pyjama bottoms to help her control herself
which I was fine with.

Eventually I just laid her top open and she finally got to feel my
warm hands on her breasts and also my warm and wet breath on her.
What made her really gasp though was me licking her breasts whilst my
other hand just gently teased and fingered her through her wet
panties.  There was the delicious damp patch in her panties and I was
really enjoying teasing her through the silk.  I knew where the
boundaries where but there was no way I was going to let her get away
without being teased to within an inch of her life.  It wasn't long
before she was starting to make those really deep sounds when a
woman's about to cum and I just held my hand against her wet slit
whilst I tweaked her nipples and kissed her neck.  She started to cum
and I loved the fact that I was still dressed and she was only wearing
her pyjama bottoms.

She was a little flabbergasted and said she'd not really expected to
cum so soon and in that way but it certainly made her smile (that lovely
flushed smile that women have after they've orgasmed...I could look at it all

She just rolled me over and wasted no time in rubbing my cock through
my pants before unzipping my trousers and reaching in to take hold of
my cock.  It was lovely to feel her hands on my cock and I was already
wet with pre-cum.  Before I knew it she had my cock out and in her
mouth which was amazing.  She really knew how to give great head and
it felt fantastic.  All the time she never took her eyes off me and
would stop and talk dirty about how she wanted me to look in her eyes
when I came.

I knew I would cum quickly so I just rolled her onto her back and
knelt over her with my cock in my hand. she put one hand up above her
head and the other one just snaked up and took hold of my balls (which
I really love) and she started talking really dirty..she started
ordering me to wank my cock really hard and how she wanted my balls to
really unload all their cum over her tits.  I told her to play with
her tits whilst I looked at her, wanked my cock slowly and surely and
felt her fingers on my balls.  It was great, her top off and tits out
with me still in my tux and rubbing my cock in front of her.  What
made it hot was knowing everyone was downstairs at the ball looking
for us whilst we made fun in her room.

Anyway it wasn't long before I started to feel like I was cumming and
told her so..she just grabbed my balls really really hard and told me
to wank my cock harder.  She also said she'd fantasised about me tying
her up and fucking her arse which was the final straw, I just came in
buckets all over her tits, neck and face.  It was magnificent and I
really covered her.  She lent up and took my cock to suck the last
bits out of my raw knob before lying back to admire the view.  All the
time she'd just looked me in the eye which was really sexy.

She asked me to rub and lick the cum on her tits, something her partner
refused to do and whilst it was a first for me I thought I would go
whole hog and really go for it so she just guided my hand and then my
head down and now it was my turn to look her in the eye whilst I
licked my cum of her tits something she said got her really really
turned on as no-one had done it for her.

After that we just lay and chatted and laughed about what had
happened.  It was quite surreal but bloody amazing.  She just fondled
my cock whilst I lightly held her breasts.  As my cock got harder I
started to rub her again through her pyjamas and knickers and made her
cum again...her panties were soaking and it was fantastic.  She said
she was absolutely choking to be fucked but didn't want to be
unfaithful to her partner.  I was cool with it and that's when she
said she would 'trombone' me instead.

I was a bit surprised because in military slang to 'trombone' someone was
to have full penetrative sex with someone so I was a bit confused.  Anyway she just
smiled and took me in hand.  She made me drop my trousers and pants
and then bent me over the desk in her hotel room.

She got under me and just started to lick and suck on my balls which
was heavenly.  She then started to wank my cock from underneath and made
suitable gestures as it started to get hard underneath her.  She then
maneuvered herself underneath and behind me and just started to kiss
and lick my arse whilst one hand reached around and rubbed my cock and balls.  I was bent
over the desk and it felt very very naughty.  My eyes were out on
stalks and I started calling her all these names which just made her
go even more crazy.  I'd never felt anything like it before and her
tongue just felt amazing.  My cock was huge and she just wanked me
back and forth whilst she tongued my ass.  It was heaven and it wasn't
long before I said I was going to cum again.  At this point she
already had a finger in my ass and just pushed herself under and took
my cock in her mouth and wanked me off whilst she fingered me.  I came
really, really hard straight into the back of her mouth as I grabbed the side of
the table and just fucked her face, it was really really hot.

After that she just came up and kissed me, I could taste my cum in her
mouth and I had to goto the bed as my legs were weak.  I told her that
was amazing and she said she'd loved doing it but her partner was
uptight about having his arse played with and didn't like it.  Well his
loss was my gain!

We just stayed talking for a while until she got horny again and I
made her cum on my hands..before I wanked myself off again over her
tits.  When I'm really hot I can cum 5-6 times in a night so it was no
problem to be wanking myself to my 3rd orgasm over her tits which
surprised her but needless to say she loved it.

I ended up walking back along the Brighton seafront to my own room in
my hotel just as high as a kite and really with a big broad grin on my
face.  When I got back to my hotel all my team where in the bar and
had wondered where I'd got to.  I just said I'd been collared by the
Top Brass for a chat and had missed them all.  They seemed to believe
it and I just sat there with a drink with a sly smile on my face.

That was 8 years ago and I still hear
from her now and then when she's drunk out on town she sends me hot texts about
that night and how she still fantasises about it and wants more.  We
have talked about it a lot in the past and I think she liked the fact
that I never mentioned it to anyone at work.  What went on between her and I
within that room was just for us, which is something I get a kick out
of as well.  I enjoyed the fact that we would exchange sly naughty glances in the office about which no-one knew or suspected of what had gone on between us.  If only all business conferences I've attended had been so amazing!