Saturday, 13 October 2012

Break-up Sex

She'd booked a taxi and we had about 90 minutes left together before she'd be gone for good.  We had done everything possible to ensure a clean, positive, adult, amicable break.   We just sat on the sofa, held hands and just talked kindly to each other and about each other. The holding hands turned to hugging and the hug lingered, which turned into a long kiss, which turned into her starting to pant. I decided what the hell and started to pull her hair as we kissed, one of my hands woven into her hair as our kiss deepened and our tongues were entwined.

Any lingering sense of pre-tense was shattered when one of my hands slid up her jeans and cupped her mound, she gasped and groaned as I kissed her and I could feel her squirming against my hand. I took her hand and placed it on my throbbing hardening cock and whispered in her ear "You're going to spend our last moments together sucking my cock till you choke and gag, do you understand?" She just nodded her head as i returned to kissing her.  Even though our living room was all window and any-one could see in I instructed her to open my jeans and take my cock out, which she happily and hurriedly did. With my hands in her hair i guided her mouth straight down onto my hard cock. There was no pre-amble, its want the time and I wasn't in the mood. I guided her deep down straight from the off - making her gag and choke straight away. Anyone could have seen us but I didn't care and it appeared, neither did she. With my hand in her hair I used her mouth to fuck my cock sometimes working her over the thick end of my cock, other times driving her mouth deep and holding her there as she gagged and choked.  All the time I was talking dirty to her, telling her that she hadn't spent enough time doing this recently, hence why she needed to remember me by the last time she choked on my cock and how I had lots more in store for her.

By the way she gasped, groaned, nodded her head and pushed her mound back hard against my other free hand i could tell that she was enjoying herself and also wanted to make the most of the opportunity.  I asked if she was ready for the next part. She said yes. 

As she continued to suck my cock and i pressed my palm against her mound I explained how she'd been a bratty pain in the arse these last couple of months and that with that in mind she needed reminding of what happened to such girls.  She loves to bake and I wanted to give her a fitting send -off so I told her "You're going to get-up, walk into our kitchen, get the wooden spoon and the spatula, bring them back here to me, hand them over to me and ask me to punish & spank you for being such a brat."  It was not what she was expecting but the way she responded (by groaning and trying to take more of my cock deeper) I knew that she wanted to do it.  I lifted her mouth off my cock using her hair, looked into her eyes and repeated her task" Do you understand?" I questioned. She nodded, and I told her to go and do it.  She quickly got up, skipped away into the kitchen, i could hear her rummaging for the utensils and she walked back out to find me brazenly wanking my cock as she walked over to me.  She handed me the utensils and said "Please Sir, Ive been bratty, I need you to punish me with these kitchen tools to help remind me not to be like that in future. Will you please spank me?"  I wasn't going to waste our time so I stood up, took the utensils and led her by the hand into the bedroom.

In the bedroom I wasted no-time in bending her over the side of the bed, pulling her jeans down and rubbing her through her panties. "My, my for a girl who's not been properly touched yet these panties are soaking wet aren't they?"  She replied that she always got super wet and horny when I took control and was masterful with her.

I picked up the Spatula which she used (a lot) for baking and with much formality started to spank her on her arse cheeks.  She started yelping and squirming along with gasping and panting.She moved her hips from side to side as I spanked her, partly from the pain, partly from squirming. I started to grab her hair and pull her head back as I spanked her which just made her go gooey as I also talked dirty to her about how she needed to be bent over and spanked and how she might be a nice, pretty, polite, oxbridge educated, home counties girl but here she was just my plaything and nothing more.  This and the increased spanking started to send her into overdrive and she started telling me how much she needed to be fucked. I said I knew, I could see her juices covering her cunt and her thighs. I used the spatula to scoop her juiced up and proceeded to feed them back to her.  I told her that I wanted her to forever more associate this spatula and her baking with licking her own juices of the spatula having been spanked like a bad girl.  She just went wild and started squirming and begging to be fucked. I told her I was in no hurry (though her taxi was arriving soon enough!) and just increased the hardness of my spanks.  This just started to make her yelp and allied with sound of the spatula hitting her arse was I'm convinced enough to make our neighbours start listening to what we were doing!

In an effort to increase the strokes but avoid all the noise I firstly took the wooden spoon and made her bite on it as I continued spanking her, I now wished Id taken a photo of her, my hands in her hair, squirming as she bit down on the wooden spoon.

I decided she was having too much fun and then put her on all fours all the end of the bed, this way i could walk round in front of her, grab her hair, feed my cock into her greedy willing mouth and reach over and continue to spank her ass and cunt. It made her yelp as i fucked her mouth from one end and then made her jump and squirm as I spanked her other end. There was no way you could deny that she wasn't having the time of her life and she started gabbling away about how she was going to miss this and how she was beginning to realise how much she needed to be treated like this and to be spanked and used in the bedroom...I wouldn't say she'd entered sub-space or anything like that but you could tell she was in a dreamy state of pleasure.

This only increased when I put her back over the end of the bed and taking my hard cock now glossy with her saliva and just started rubbing it up and down her tingling wet cunt. She was squirming and thrashing, begging me to put my cock inside her and fuck her, her back was arching, her groans was getting louder and deeper as I just rubbed my cock up and down on her wet slit, pulled her hair and spanked her ass. And then with one fell swoop I pushed myself all the way into her. She gasped and buckled, but I just pulled her hair and held her there. I just stood behind her with my cock deep inside her and just pulsed there as she squirmed and moaned. Then ever so slowly I withdrew all the way out and teased her again. This sent her half crazy / half angry as she started swearing about how she needed to be fucked, but i just went back to teasing her mound for a bit before I pushed myself all the way back into her.

This time I started to slowly fuck her with long deep strokes as one hand stayed in her hair and one hand grabbed the front of her leg and worked her back and forth on my cock. It wasn't long before her legs started buckling and she went very quiet, a sign i knew that she was on the edge of cumming so I started spanking her arse hard again and told her that it wasn't for her to enjoy herself and that she had to start fucking my cock with her wet throbbing cunt, she started thrashing back and it didn't take her long to let out a low guttural scream as she came hard all over my cock. Her face was buried in the duvet as my cock was buried in her cunt. She was tired and out of breath and needed a rest, but there was no way she was getting one...i told her to keep fucking my cock with her cunt and as way of  incentive i reached underneath her top and tweaked her nipples hard which made her yelp.

I also reached and scooped up a lot of her juices and started to use them to lube her tight little arse.  She had learnt to really enjoy anal play and her murmurs and smiles let me know that she was enjoying a hand in her hair, a cock in her cunt and my fingers playing with her ass.  Using lube and spit I worked my thumb into her ass as my cock pounded her cunt.  She started growling and bucking at the sensation of having both of her holes filled and it wasn't long before she came hard again.

By this time she was starting to buckle so i dragged her onto the bed and lay down as I made her suck her juices off my cock, before lifting her up and ordering her to lower herself on to my cock and ride me hard. As she sand down on me i grabbed her hips and started to rock her back and forth, gently at first. I then grabbed her hands and pushed back on her and told her to start riding me hard which she gratefully did.  The strength of my arms and the hardness of my cock gave her something to push against and it wasn't long before she was cumming again as she squealed and collapsed like a rag-doll breathing hard.

But i was by now means done with her, as she lay on top of me capturing her breath I grabbed her arse and moved her up and down on my cock.  I could tell she was getting pleasantly sore from being fucked hard and she was starting to waffle away, a sure sign that she had been hard-fucked. I just continued to fuck her from underneath and realistically she was just going to hold on for her life. I started bucking up and down into her whilst one hand pulled her hair and one hand alternated between grabbing her arse and spanking it hard.  As her arse was still blushing from being spanked earlier she was tender and yelping.  But I didn't care.  I just bucked my hips and thrust my cock into her hard again and again as she winced and moaned.  

My hard fucking was paying off and I told her to grab my balls. One of her hands was steadying herself on the headboard, one hand was tugging on my balls as she held on for grim life as i bucked myself into her.  She had always said that she was scared that the force of my fucking would throw her off the bed and so she held on and rode my cock as I bucked my hips and fucked her hard.  My hands were everywhere, pulling her hair, kneading, tweaking and slapping her breasts and buttocks as she wailed and i started grunting hard as I told her I was about to cum and she urged me on begging me to fill her with my hot cum one last time. This was enough to send her over the edge again and  I let out a growl and exploded deeply inside her, long and hard. After I finished cumming inside her, my cock remained hard and i just sat her up, still impaled on my cock, pulsing inside her as she just purred and we got her breath back.  The first thing she said?  "This isn't over by a long stretch, I refuse to let someone who fucks me like that exit out of my life!"

She feel off my cock and just lay there, panting and purring.  I knew this was her sign that she had been properly fucked and had several orgasms.  She had a big smile on her face and was upbeat, happy and positive...very different from how she was before!

There was enough time to grab a shower and I went and joined her in the shower. She was still throbbing and shaking but with a  huge eyes wide grin.  I wrapped my arms around her, kissed her neck, held her close and then washed her down.  No words were spoken. We just enjoyed a final embrace under the hot shower.  We stepped out, we dried each other off, we dressed, we hugged and I then carried her bags and escorted her out to her taxi. We had a quick hug & kiss, said our goodbyes and then she left.

So she left happy, smiling, feeling wanted, adored a throbbing ache from having been well pounded and with a puddle in her panties rather than her being in a puddle of tears. If there was any-way to get through the pain of a final separation, I can heartily recommend it.

The post-script is that several days later it was my birthday and she sent me a birthday card.  Inside was a final touching note.  On the back she'd drawn a spatula and a big smiley face. ;-)